We Got Through It Together

It happens sometimes,
When you’re young or you’re old,
That you meet someone special,
Who brightens your soul.

For she and I,
Closeness was scary at first,
But love found a way,
And our hearts almost burst.

So when our day came,
Gathered with family and friend,
We both said our vows,
Promising love without end.

“To love…” and “…to honor…”,
We did boldly start.
But then without knowing it,
We reached the hard part.

“For better or worse…”
“In sickness and health…”
“In sickness…”
“In sickness… till death…”

Her problems started small,
Just aches and pains,
A hand that twitches
Or an anger that flames.

So the docs were called in,
And gave it their best,
Till they found out the cause,
They vowed not to rest.

They poked and they probed,
And took endless samples.
Of diligence and commitment,
They were examples.

Soon we heard of other doctors,
Whether great or little known,
With names like Parkinson, Huntington,
Alzheimer and Crohne.

And then there were other conditions,
Without important men’s names,
Just initials like MS, CF,
And of course the “Big C”.

When word finally came,
It seemed so unreal,
The docs, they spoke softly,
But I just wanted to yell.

“That wasn’t our promise!
What happened to forever?”
But then I stopped yelling,
My voice now a whimper.

“God, this is too soon,
Why don’t you care?
She is too young,
Death is not fair.”

So therapies she tried,
We put up a good fight,
But the disease didn’t pause,
’twas relentless in might.

Then with hope near gone,
Unable to sleep,
My eyes turn to heaven,
And I wordlessly weep.

But in the midst of the night,
I heard something new.
As mighty as thunder,
But gentle as dew…

It was the voice of God speaking,
To my heart and my soul,
“Fear not My child,
Stretch for Love’s goal.”

“I remember your vows
And the prayers that you lifted,
I do not forsake,
The Love I have gifted.”

“Death’s not an end,
But a glorious start,
And it won’t be long,
So do not lose heart.”

So we worked she and I,
To run the good race,
Confident in nothing,
Save God’s living grace.

At the proper time,
When God’s promise came true,
I smiled through my tears,
For the healing was through.

Pain was no more,
The trembling was gone.
She’s home with her kin,
Happy, healthy and strong.

Her footsteps now sure
Her eyes again clear,
So thankful I am,
For promises so dear.

The road it was hard,
And the storm tough to weather,
But with Love’s promises
We got through it together.